5 Vitamins for hair loss Cure

Do you looking for hair loss treatment? Here is the solution. 5 Vitamins for hair loss Cure!!!!!!. Hair loss is a very general problem for all man and women. In a certain age every man and women have faced Hair loss problem. In order to hair loss Cure, They are always looking for a better hair loss treatment. Specially Women are very anxious about their hair health. They buy various kinds of healthy hair products from market. But the true news is this products can control their hair loss. For this reason in this article we are trying to give you some suggestion about your hair loss Cure. Lets start.

5 Vitamins for hair loss Cure

Dr. Rupali Datta, Chief Nutritionist, Smart Cooky says, “What you eat has a strong co- relation with the health of your skin and hair. In generally every people knows that, Vitamins plays and important role for a healthy and happy life. A balanced calories, healthy fats, mineral,  proteins and vitamins are requires for hair health.
Here are 5 Vitamins that you must take for hair food.

Biotin for hair growth

Do you looking for hair fall solution? then do not forget Biotin. This is the most used and popular supplements for natural hair growth. Biotin is called Vitamin B and it plays an important role for hair growth. So you should take those food from where you can get enough Vitamin B. Now a days many healthy hair products contain Biotin.

Food Contains Vitamin B/Biotin : Eggs, Peanut butter, Mushrooms, avocados, salmon,  etc.

5 Vitamins for hair loss Cure

Vitamin A:

According to Amol Ghosh, Clinical Tutor ( Rtd) , N.R.S. Hospital, Kolkata, “Vitamin A fights free radicals that weigh your hair down. Vitamin A keeps your hair from drying out breaking.

Food Contains Vitamin A:  Carrots, peaches, cod liver oil, spinach, etc.

Vitamin E:

.Vitamin E plays an important role for natural hair growth. It increase blood circulation, Oxen supply and repair damage hair. So lacking of Vitamin E could increase you hair fall.

Food Contains Vitamin E: seeds, avocado, almonds, broccoli , etc.

Vitamin C:

Most of the people are unaware about Vitamin C. Vitamin C can boost your natural hair growth and play an important role on hair loss Cure. Vitamin C produce collagen in our body which is a very vital protein natural hair growth, skin and nails.

Food Contains Vitamin C: red peppers, oranges, Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli, straw berries,  grapefruit and kiwi.

Vitamin D:

To increase Vitamin D, you should need to eat D-rich food. On the other had you can increase your Vitamin D levels by spending some time on sun.

Food Contains Vitamin D:  swordfish, mackerel, eel, halibut, salmon ,whitefish, maitake mushrooms  and  portabella mushrooms.

5 Vitamins for hair loss Cure

How to control hair fall:

 We are trying to deliver our best. Now you know about 5 vitamins those can reduce your hair fall and improved your hair growth. For better information you need to go for a Doctor.

Hair growth products

In order to hair fall solution you can use below Hair growth products. Keep in minds that there is no hidden hair growth tips. Only open secrets tips is take care of your hair every day.

How to stop hair fall? Just Use these amazing Hair growth products and see what happened next?

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